Pacifica Runners Club, a local member of Road Runners of America, is holding its Tiki Trot 5K on Sunday. And it is a state championship race.

The race will be held in person at 8 a.m, Aug. 29. Runners meet at the Moose Lodge, run to the pier, then return to the

Moose Lodge. In addition to the in-person race, there are virtual options from Aug. 26 through Sept. 7.

This race will attract elite runners from all over, but is intended for people of all fitness levels. There will be awards given in the open male and female categories, over-40 male and female categories, 50-plus male and female categories and for men 60 and above.

Kendra Chun, president of Pacifica Runners Club and the race director, said the nonprofit started in 2013 when a group of moms wanted their kids to run. The group hosts 5K runs for all ages and organizes clinics and workshops on a variety of subjects and speakers.

The goal is to build community through fitness while enjoying the beauty of Pacifica. They have been scheduling four major runs a year. They hold weekly runs on Saturdays, as well.

They coordinate run locations with Pacifica’s Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department.

“Pacifica Runners is geared to kids and families. We don’t want them to feel intimidated. We want to build community in Pacifica,” Chun said.

The Road Runners of America championship event is the largest grassroots-organized running series in the United States with more than 200 races that attract 300,000 participants. Its championship events are designated annually at the state, regional and national level through a competitive bidding process.

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