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Local surfer Greg Gubser catches a wave during the seventh annual Kahuna Kupuna which took place in 2006. Photo courtesy Phil Mathews

Kahuna Kupuna returns to Linda Mar Beach for its 21st year after taking a pause last year due to the pandemic. The surf contest starts at 7:30 a.m. and goes to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 17. The contest benefits Pacifica’s Environmental Family.

Watch surfers display athleticism and dance on the ocean waves. This is an unusual amateur surf contest in that it is designed to honor those male and female surfers more experienced in age and to celebrate the intergenerational nature of the sport of surfing.

Entry forms are available at or The entry fee is $80 for surfers older than 40, and $40 for surfers younger than 40 who are invited to join an older surfer on a team in the intergenerational team division.

The main events are divisions for men and women surfers older than 40 with separate age group subdivisions for shortboard and longboard surfers. Each intergenerational team of six surfers covers three generations. In 2019, the youngest surfer was 12 and the oldest 75.

Kahuna, in Hawaiian, means “big chief” and kupuna means “wise elder,” hence the name for the contest. 

This is the primary fundraiser to benefit Pacifica’s Environmental Family’s annual operating expenses. PEF is a nonprofit that has, since 1994, empowered local grassroots projects to restore, protect and beautify Pacifica’s environment, raise awareness of environmental issues, provide education and inspire stewardship and community by sponsoring grassroots projects run by Pacificans, such as Pacifica Gardens. For more information, go to

Spectators can watch for free. Everyone is welcome to come to the beach. For more information, contact Roy Earnest at or (650) 438-6378.

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