Dear Editor:

What an interesting column in the Oct. 20 edition, regarding the finding by a California court that Prop. 22, the initiative that overruled the state Legislature regarding the independent contractor status of Uber and Lyft drivers, was unconstitutional. Needless to say, the ride app companies vowed to appeal and the column in the Tribune makes this an issue of “direct democracy.” What a crock.

Let’s talk about the fact that the ride app companies, like Uber, spent over $200 million to get this on the ballot and pass it. What kind of “direct democracy” costs $200 million and who has the assets to fund something like this?

Our recent recall experience indicates that it is high time that we reform the initiative process to really deal with actual voter-identified problems and not to be a stand in for our elected officials doing their jobs and/or a well-financed interest group from buying their agenda onto our ballots.

Mark Coby, Pacifica

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