Dear editor, 

This letter was sent to the City Council.

Sorry, but I have to say your opinion is way off base, in my humble opinion. What experience do you, or your ilk, have in regards to law enforcement. Have you ever arrested anyone? I 

have. Have you ever applied a “choke hold” ? I have. Have you ever had a gun, knife,

sword, bat, cane or any other weapon used against you to defend yourself or others?

I have. Have you ever had bones broken or other injuries in defense of life or 

property? I have. We (Pacifica) are blessed to have a department, and chief, who are 

100% in, not only compliance, but work VERY hard to address the never ending

attacks against the very ones you and I count on for the lives we are able to live.

I have been on both sides of the law. I only needed one arrest to determine future choices

I would take in my life. I have been “profiled” on many encounters. Was that because of my race? This has occured from MULTIPLE agencies. Guess what. I am forever grateful

for the 99.999% of law enforcement officers who lay it on the line everyday. I thank you

for doing the job in this environment. THANK YOU BLUE.

Chris Redfield


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