I am sad to hear that Sea Bowl is closing. I wrote two haikus about it and hope readers can relate:

Farewell to Sea Bowl


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Thank you, Delia McGrath and Linda Peebles for researching and writing “Pacifica Peace People say war is not the answer,” which was printed in the Opinion section of the Pacifica Tribune on Sept. 14, 2022.

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Steven Booker and I were on the campaign trail with Ray Mueller and his current opponent and believe he is the best candidate to represent us in District 3 on the Board of Supervisors. In fact, we have both endorsed him because he is much more experienced than his opponent to ensure that gov…

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I just got a second threatening mailer from American Promotional Events Inc. West saying that if Measure Q passes, volunteer beach cleanup ends. This is not true!

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Regarding Clay Lambert’s editorial about the lengthy City Council meetings (Tribune, Sept. 7), it is a timely piece. I have attended the meetings of city councils, large and small, in person and virtually. None compare to those of Pacifica’s council.

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Folks, there are only 42 days left to November election. If Democrats don’t keep a majority in the House and don’t gain Senate seats to have a clear majority, you no longer need to worry about 2024. President Biden will be a lame duck the remainder of his term.

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Pacificans and Coastside residents are fortunate to choose between two excellent candidates for county supervisor. My choice is Ray Mueller.

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