I’m writing in reference to Brenda Maxwell’s letter concerning the RVs (Tribune, Nov. 23). These are former renters and homeowners. Lifelong residents, quietly trying to remain in the place they love, convenient for jobs, school and family (Group A).

Before anyone says, “this is Julie, the famous NIMBY,” there are far worse things than Group A and their RVs.There is well-heeled Individual C and Group B. More to follow.

If Individual C actually lived here in town, they may frequent the same restaurants and stores as Maxwell. Individual C bought the house next door before it even went on the market, and paid asking price, but turned it into an unstaffed, unmonitored hotel. Which is also why Group A can’t get a break, by the way.

I started ordering grocery delivery long before the pandemic, because we had loud strangers moving in each day (Group B). Hot tub in back. No vetting, except ability to pay the nightly rate, which, if split between 10-15 people, was not an issue. There were fake cameras and false monitoring. Many police reports followed. There were 40 cars the night of the Super Bowl 2020 and double the people.

I am also a lifelong resident except for a few years saving for our home, and went to Catechism — kindergarten through Confirmation. As someone who used to follow organized religion and the teachings of Christ, I can do all I can without guilt to stop Individual C and Group B.

But not Group A.

Julie Re, Pacifica

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