Dear editor,

 It was a miracle. Right in front of our eyes. A Pacifica miracle. One we’ll never forget. Me and my life partner were out on our walk and saw a car approaching in our direction. It slowed and pulled over to the curb. A young lady got out of the passenger side and walked over to a trash receptacle and tossed something in. She returned to the car and her friend who was driving pulled away and drove off. A miracle. A Pacifica miracle because 999 out of a 1,000 others would have just tossed the trash out of the window onto the street or into the gutter. The evidence for that is everywhere.

 This led once again to me and my life partner having our fight, no, not a knock-down, drag-out brawl, but a disagreement. It was on the subject. Trash in Pacifica. Trash that grows each day and goes unremoved for weeks and months at a time. Who’s to blame? I allowed how the worst perpetrators of messy streets were people who lived in Pacifica. There is so much rubbish on our streets that it must be the local population being responsible because they are close at hand. My life partner allowed how out-of-towners are to blame. She said non-residents clearly have little feeling for our town and just throw trash away wherever they feel like it as they pass through.

 We discussed this well into the night only to decide to take a vote as to who was responsible for our trash-laden streets. The vote was unanimous. Two to zero. We decided the culprits must be the do-nothing local government officials who up to now have been burying their heads in the sand at the beach pretending the behaviors that make our city a dumping ground don’t exist and that clean-up can take care of itself.

 To be fair, the missus and I held a meeting after the vote to see if we could offer suggestions that would help. Sadly, we concluded that patrolling the highways and byways looking for boneheads tossing trash onto the ground was unsupportable by local resources. Picking up the trash is a different matter. Contrast this. We live on a street where a sweeper comes by about once a week. It spends most of its time on its route far away from the curb since there are cars parked along the way. Besides, our street, thankfully, is fairly clean. The contrast? Take a look at the mess you can easily find on streets like Esplanade, Francisco, Palmetto and others where there is a higher frequency of traffic. Street junk piles up. One answer? Install signs with no parking times so that those sweepers can pass along those routes to promote sanitized neighborhoods. The missus and I wonder if anybody has other thoughts.

John  Thom


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