Dear editor, 


Dear editor,

I found Sherman R. Frederick’s point on the Zoom meetings to be the least important to me in his column, but I must say, I started reading this article going down the proverbial “rabbit hole” of links on Nextdoor. I was turned OFF by the headline thinking, “Ugh, another stuffy old white guy trying to say that problems of racism these days are exaggerated — gag!” 

However he won me back over! Great pull through! His points are clear, topical, well supported, and the tone is like a “having a chat” kind of tone. I’m 36, so I’m an old Millenial and assumed this Boomer was going to show his Boomer upbringing… but I stand corrected and appreciate his tact… thank you for being relatable!


(Editor’s note: Sherman Frederick says “thanks from the bottom of my Boomer heart.”)

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