Something important occurred last week in Pacifica — or at least in the online world that affects Pacifica. You may have missed it and that’s our fault. We didn’t make a big deal of our new website, this site, which went live on Jan. 25. We wanted to make sure was fully functional before directing you to the area’s newest portal for local news, information and community.

What do you think?

As you look around, we hope you have an intuitive experience that guides you to what you need. Our featured stories are right up top. These are often photo-heavy presentations and the biggest news of the week. Below are sections you would expect — news, arts and entertainment, opinion and sports. There is an e-edition that allows readers a newspaper-like experience of our print layout on their digital device. At the top left is a menu of our news sections, a chance to learn about the people responsible for the Tribune, and links to write a letter to the editor, place an obituary or manage your delivery.

As the editorial director, I’m most excited by the prospect of posting news as it happens in Pacifica. We’ll routinely post breaking news; it will be obvious by a red box right at the top of our home page. And all of it is on a responsive platform that adjusts to your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone screen.

Of course, journalism is a two-way street. You can comment on our stories and contact us directly with feedback and story ideas. You needn’t be proficient in English to read the Tribune because we’ve utilized the Google Translate widget at the top of the screen.

We’ve also made it easy to support local journalism in Pacifica. Just click the “Subscribe” button at the top right of our homepage to get the Tribune delivered to your home and to your digital device. We have big plans, but they depend on your support.

We are just getting started and there is much more to come. We look forward to a vigorous social media presence and perhaps a newsletter or two focused on Pacifica issues. We’ll be adding news from Pacifica and elsewhere in San Mateo County when we think it interests you. Most importantly, we’re looking forward to reconnecting offline once the current public health emergency has passed.

Let us know what you think of You can always find me at Thanks for reading, whether in the comfort of your favorite chair or while you are on the go.

— Clay Lambert

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