Linda Mar Woods is an outdoor recreation-oriented residential community being developed in the foothills of Pacifica with sweeping views of the picturesque valley below and the waves breaking in the distance on Linda Mar Beach.

The trail area in Linda Mar Woods known by mountain bikers as “Boy Scout” has become a freeride destination and one of the most progressive riding areas in the region, with hand-built features crafted into the landscape with flowing jumps and berms. Walkers, runners and hikers know the trailhead at Old San Pedro Mountain Road as the gateway to the Pacifica Mountain Parks. These include San Pedro Valley County Park, Montara State Park, McKnee Ranch State Park, Sweeney Ridge State Park and Rancho Corral de Tierra National Park, with more than 50 miles of trails and 20,000 acres of open space.

The trails accessed from Higgins Way, a narrow tree-lined street, have no formal trailhead infrastructure or signage making the area almost a secret refuge for locals and a mythical recreational destination for out-of-towners. There is a shared sense of respect and reverence for the trails, the environment and access to the park lands among all who visit this place.

Linda Mar Woods is a special place and not a typical residential development. Our vision for a residential development with highly integrated living, open space and recreation reflects the shared ethos of the local community.

The residential areas are being planned to minimize environmental impacts and maximize open space conservation and recreational trail access. Award-winning design firm Hilride LLC, recognized for the 2017 National Park Design of the Year by the National Recreation and Park Association, is leading the integration of the recreation and conservation components at the core of the project. Principal Nat Lopes has created a comprehensive community engagement program to facilitate the design and sustainable management of the trails and open space.

Informed through a series of surveys and a community outreach campaign, a Freeride Mountain Bike Working Group has been established to focus on the improvement and enhancement of the trail network. Also, the Old San Pedro Mountain Road Trail Conservation Initiative has been established to improve, enhance and ensure the long-term conservation of this essential public access trail corridor.

While modest, on-the-ground improvements, including installation of a monument sign, cleanup of the trailhead, repainting of the gates and replacement of existing trail signage, only hint at the larger goals and aspirations of the project, they are the first real steps toward establishing Linda Mar Woods as a model for recreation and conservation-based residential development in California.

Pacifica deserves this type of progressive approach to residential development and our commitment to providing leadership, direction and support for local parks, trails and open space conservation.

To learn more about Linda Mar Woods, the Freeride Mountain Bike Working Group, and the Old San Pedro Mountain Road Trail Conservation Initiative please go to

John Kontrabecki is the developer of Linda Mar Woods.

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