Good news organizations exist as part of a flourishing, elaborate ecosystem. Think of a tree, with journalism as just one branch. It is rooted in community and requires the figurative sunlight of open government. It grows as part of a forest of successful local enterprises — businesses, nonprofits, schools and so on.

And good journalism is nourished by the constant tending of people like you.

That is why we are launching a new Editorial Advisory Committee. We are seeking a dozen Coastside residents to serve as a focus group of sorts to advise us on the print and digital products that are homemade by the California benefit corporation that owns the Pacifica Tribune and the Half Moon Bay Review.

The concept is this: We put together a committee of 12 local residents with an eye toward representing the diverse communities we serve. We would convene quarterly — likely virtually at first — to discuss important general topics that underpin our coverage. Topics might include how best to reach new audiences or how to better cover elections or the best way to engage with our subscribers. This isn’t so much an opportunity to talk about individual stories — though we want to hear those — as it is a chance to shape the big picture. We will incorporate what we learn from these meetings into our plans for future direction.

It’s a limited commitment. We’re thinking four meetings a year and perhaps a two-year term, after which we would give others the opportunity to serve. We anticipate having more people interested in the committee than we can accommodate initially. That’s OK. We want a long list of journalism advocates who are willing to tell us what they need and we will be returning to the list again and again for future committee openings and other opportunities.

If you would like to be considered for a spot on the Coastside News Group Editorial Advisory Committee, send an email to me at Tell me a little about yourself, including age, phone number, occupation and anything else you think might be relevant for consideration. We hope to seat our first committee in early March.

We need your help to grow strong and to stand tall for generations to come. Join us.

Clay Lambert is editorial director for the Coastside News Group Inc., which publishes the Pacifica Tribune and the Half Moon Bay Review.

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