Across Pacifica and the nation as a whole, many people who support reproductive rights and the Roe v. Wade standard have made their views known in the wake of efforts to overturn the legal precedent.

National nonprofit groups put out the call to mobilize in light of the complete abortion ban in Texas and a review of Roe v. Wade in Mississippi that will be taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court this term. The Mississippi test case bans abortions after 15 weeks, but a court of appeals blocked enforcement of the law finding that it conflicts with previous court opinion.

The Oct. 2 demonstration in Pacifica

The Oct. 2 demonstration in Pacifica was one of many throughout the country as tens of thousands of people turned out nationwide to show their support for reproductive rights.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in 1973 in  Roe v. Wade declared a woman may terminate her pregnancy in the first six months of her pregnancy.

Pacifican Erin Gale organized the local March for Reproductive Justice on Oct. 2 that attracted about 150 people. She and other organizers  took care of getting the necessary permit from the city and advertised it on social media.

“I wanted to be involved,” she said. “As a woman and a mother, I feel it is my place to stand up for anyone who doesn’t have a voice in different states. The recall election reminded me that we are not so far apart from Texas.”

She said she has a long commitment to help whenever help is necessary. She participated in women’s marches in San Francisco and organized the Black Lives Matter march in Pacifica last summer.

“I want to show my community I support them,” she said.

Local resident Gloria McCoy said she marched in Washington, D.C., in 1972 before Roe v. Wade passed. “I believe in the cause. We will not go back,” she said.

Lynda Golden said she enjoyed the marching, the short ceremony and the speakers at the march earlier this month.

“There were young girls there, all ages. The marchers spanned a few generations,” she said, noting there was a lot of horn-honking support on the highway between Linda Mar Boulevard and Rockaway Beach. “All my friends made signs and joined in. I believe in the right to choose what you want to do.” r

Jane Northrop has covered Pacifica for the Pacifica Tribune since 1996. She has won first place John Swett Awards from the California Teachers Association for her coverage of education.

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