Vehicles of every kind joined in

Vehicles of every kind joined in for Pacifica’s first Pride parade on Saturday. Those in attendance said if felt good to join in a celebration of unity.

Eileen Campbell / Tribune

Pacificans came together to support their LGBTQ community on Saturday in the city’s first-ever Pride event. The Pacifica Hot Rods led the parade, joined by a rainbow-covered float, a motorcycle contingent, and business owners and city officials in colorfully decorated cars. There was even a 10-foot-tall stilt walker. 

The event started at the Community Center, where Mayor Mary Bier, CoastPride President Jenny Walter and former San Carlos Mayor Laura Parmer-Lohan gave brief remarks.

Saturday’s first-ever Pride parade in Pacifica

Saturday’s first-ever Pride parade in Pacifica was a family-friendly affair that brought friends together in common cause.

Eileen Campbell / Tribune

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