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The California Coastal Commission has agreed to a plan to allow low-income Pacifica residents to pay less for beach parking. Adam Pardee / Tribune

Pacifica’s Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission partnered with Pacifica Resource Center to bring qualifying residents the Pacifica Resource Parking Pass.

The discounted beach parking lot pass will be available to those showing eligibility through Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, Medi-Cal, Electronic Benefit Transfer card, CalFresh or other qualifying documentation.

“It has been a privilege for the city of Pacifica PB&R to partner with the PRC and the California Coastal Commission to ensure those without sufficient means have access to our beaches,” wrote Mike Perez, PB&R director in an email to the Tribune. “As part of the process of reauthorizing the beach parking program, city staff worked very hard in collaboration with (Coastal Commission) and PRC in order to create the Pacifica Resource Beach Parking Pass program.”

Perez said the parking pass is one way to assure equitable access to local beaches. The Coastal Commission, the state organization charged with assuring California beaches are open and accessible, seemed equally pleased to help lower income families.

“After considering how the project would impact lower-income populations, the Commission added a condition for the city to create the Pacifica Resource Pass. This would help families whose beach access could be negatively affected by rate increases,” wrote Noaki Schwartz, the commission’s public information officer, in an email.

The Coastal Commission set an expiration date of March 11, 2025, when PB&R may submit another application for another five years, Schwartz wrote.

PRC is also excited about the Resource Parking Pass, said Anita Rees, executive director.

“PRC is excited that the city of Pacifica’s PB&R and the (Coastal Commission) recognized the need to offer discounted beach parking passes to community members who have more limited incomes but still want equal access to parking at the beach,” she wrote in an email to the Tribune. “We are honored to be partnering with PB&R on this important work and are available to assist anyone who needs help completing the application or submitting back up documentation for the discounted pass.”

Many forms of proof of eligibility are acceptable, including low-income passes from the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority, YMCA membership assistance, Lyft Bay Wheels eligibility and a PG&E CARE utility discount.

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