Elliott Heim, front right, marches around his block in the Manor neighborhood along with friends and family. He organized the Martin Luther King Jr. Day event as a way to celebrate his seventh birthday. Adam Pardee / Tribune

Family and neighborhood friends on Perry Avenue marched for peace to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, but also to celebrate another birthday.

Elliott Heim, a first-grader at Lycee Francais de San Francisco school, turned 7 on Monday, which happened to be the national holiday celebrated as Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

He learned about Martin Luther King Jr.’s work and peace marches at school. He decided to honor the great peace activist with a neighborhood march down Perry Avenue in his Manor neighborhood. Elliott made a speech about that dream and how important it is to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Elliott also decided to dress like Baby Yoda for the occasion.

“He wanted peace and harmony and justice and kindness,” Elliott said of the renowned civil rights leader. “He would do a lot of peace marches.”

Elliott has already participated in other peace marches, said his mom, Emilie, including the Pacifica Women’s March four years ago and March For Science in San Francisco.

“This is the first one he organized by himself,” she said before the big event. “With COVID, we have a pod of about 14 neighborhood kids who will be marching down the street, while spread out. Elliott will read something about Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream for peace they had been talking about at school.”

When he’s not thinking about organizing a peace march, Elliott likes playing with his friends, hiking with his family, especially to Mori Point, shopping in

Pacifica and riding his bike.

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