Jeri Flinn

Jeri Flinn at Mori Point with her beloved golden retriever, Tucker.

Jeri Flinn, my wife, had a morbid fear of Dr. Phil.

“I’m not afraid I’ll die while swimming with manatees or watching tigers in India,” she’d tell people. “My biggest fear is dying on the couch watching Dr. Phil.”

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Kevin MacDonald


So sorry to hear about Jeri and hope you're doing OK. Your tribute to her was great and love the picture of Jeri with Tucker. Moved back to Pacifica in January and would great to re-connect.



Kris Perez

I am so sorry for your loss John. Jeri was an extraordinary person. I had the pleasure of working with Jeri when I worked for the City of Pacifica. She was passionate about the beach and it was contagious. My son worked with her on beach cleanups, it was his first paying job, $20 for a clean up session was a good wage when you are 13. When Jeri had her kidney transplant, you wrote an article about that process. I’ll never forget one part of that article… that kidney transplant recipients who receive a kidney from a spouse donor do better that others, even if the organ isn’t fully a match. You both did this together, and well. Thank you Jeri, we are all recipients of the environmental stewardship you modeled.

Jason Bedient

Nicely written tribute John. The love you shared jumps off the page and the quote at the end is terrific.

Elizabeth Bales-Stutes

What a beautiful tribute to a remarkable and special person. I am so sorry for your loss. May Jeri's memory always be a blessing.

Kai Wiedman

I will miss Jeri's wry sense of humor that looked at life with a keen perspective.

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