The Boys and Girls Club of North San Mateo County board met with parents June 13 for a progress report on the club finances and other issues as the club moves forward.

Bruce Wright, vice president of the board, gave the parents financial information they had requested.

“We spent a lot of time on the finances, as the club’s financial survival is a critical issue,” wrote Wright in an email to the Tribune. “We are looking at a break-even budget, conservatively.”

He wrote of extensive discussion on seeking grants and moving Bingo games to Pacifica. He noted the club raised its starting wages by 10 percent and is working on two fall fundraising events.

In addition, the board added four new members: City Councilman Mike O’Neill, Mike Stancil, of Daly City Partnership, Aragon Burlingham, of CuriOdyssey, and Kaila DeFries, who is a parent. “We now have seven board members with five Pacifica residents,” he wrote. “We are fine-tuning programming for after school in the fall, and we are looking to expand the athletics program.”

Eight parents attended the Boys and Girls Club meeting on the same night as the Golden State Warriors’ playoff game.

“A small but very concerned group of parents gathered again to discuss the financial health of the Boys and Girls Club,” wrote Erin Pickett, a parent, in an email to the Tribune. Pickett wrote that parents have a lot of work to do to make sure the club financials and programs are solid.

“The Boys and Girls Club did not bring their grant writer. The staff generated a June 13 agenda, which was sent to us one hour before the meeting. ‘Pacifica only’ financials were requested, but denied,” Pickett wrote. “Then, subsequently, a bare bones 2022-23 Pacifica budget was produced at the meeting. It was emphasized that the numbers we were given would not be posted, as they were not official and not board approved.”

Pickett wrote that it will take up to a year to see how financials look as a stand-alone charter club that includes sites at Yosemite Drive and and Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School. She wrote that the parents would like to finalize an official Parental Advisory Board consisting of core individuals who will meet with the Boys and Girls Club management quarterly. 

Jane Northrop has covered Pacifica for the Pacifica Tribune since 1996. She has won first place John Swett Awards from the California Teachers Association for her coverage of education.

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