Pacifica city officials met re Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Pacifica city officials have met with Golden Gate National Recreation Area leaders to discuss ongoing problems due to increased visitation at Mori Point.

Ongoing problems at Mori Point due to increased visitation led to parking woes and a sometimes broken restroom and have led city of Pacifica staff and city council members to meet with officials from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The meeting occurred on Oct. 5 and included GGNRA’s chief of planning, landscape architect, transportation planner, community liaison and facility manager. City Councilmember Sue Vaterlaus and Mayor Pro Tem Mary Bier attended and signed the letter memorializing the meeting and stating what still needs to be done to address the city’s issues.

The letter was sent Nov. 12 to Acting Deputy Supervisor/Chief Park Ranger David Schifsky and deals with community and environmental impacts experienced in Pacifica resulting from increased visitation to Mori Point.

“We understand that some of the city’s recommendations will require planning, multi-agency coordination and will need to go through an agency review process to fully evaluate the recommendations and potential alternatives to address the various issues,” the letter states.

However, there were some recommendations identified as easily achievable improvements that could help in less time. The recommended directional signage plan to direct visitors to additional parking as well as public outreach materials to address the parking, circulation, sanitation and public nuisance concerns could be addressed in the coming months, the letter states.

The letter asked for regular updates about the more intensive longer term efforts and suggests an understanding of the various challenges GGNRA operates under.

Bier said she has learned government approvals take a very long time, but she is optimistic the plans set up will work.

“Over the next few years we can knock a lot of the things off the list,” she said. “A lot of it came from the Open Space and Parkland Advisory Committee.”

A new bathroom that will connect to the city’s sewer system is in the works, she said. Parking is still an issue for the neighborhood. Bier said she is hoping GGNRA will take this on as part of a five-year strategic plan.

“I am most happy about the level of participation from GGNRA and the National Park Service. It is a priority for City Council and city staff to be able to report out to the community on continuing progress to improve the situation,” Bier said. “There will be follow-up meetings that haven’t been scheduled yet.”

Jane Northrop has covered Pacifica for the Pacifica Tribune since 1996. She has won first place John Swett Awards from the California Teachers Association for her coverage of education.

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