Christine Boles

Christine Boles, the winner in the race for a seat on the Pacifica City Council for District 2, hugs a supporter at an election night party.

Ballots from the 2022 General Election are mostly in, and two Pacifica City Council seats up for grabs appear to have been decided. Incumbent Sue Beckmeyer from District 5 appears to have a commanding lead over challenger Paul Chervatin with 55 percent of total votes. In District 2, two political newcomers faced off, with environmentalist and architect Christine Boles well ahead with a 59-41 advantage over Robby Bancroft.

Mayor Mary Bier ran unopposed in District 3. 

August Howell is a staff writer for the Review covering city government and public safety. Previously, he was the Review’s community, arts and sports reporter. He studied journalism at the University of Oregon.

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Vicki Sundstrom

The San Mateo county election results indicate that there is to be another update today (11/16/22). With 41000 votes remaining, how has the Tribune concluded that 1. The county is done counting and 2. The races are decided?

Seems like some Trump era nonsense to declare the outcome prematurely.

Lionel Emde

The story says there are uncounted votes and a 59-41% margin is unlikely to be reversed.

Vicki Sundstrom

Yesterday and this morning the story said the county has stopped counting the votes at 41000. Story was changed.

Vicki Sundstrom

Title of the story changed, too. It initially said ‘Beckmeyer, Boles win

Pacifica council seats’. - now it says ‘appear to win’

Vicki Sundstrom

I am happy Christine is the likely the winner. But the difference in both city council races is about 300-400 votes. With 41000 votes remaining uncounted yesterday and 28000 today, unless the county has declared that all Pacifica ballots have been counted, the Trib has no place deciding anything.

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