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Suzi Boneshaker, left, makes felt art in the form of totes, baby clothes, ornaments and more, and Stephanie Maples knits and makes other handmade goods. They were part of an unusual event at Winters Tavern over the weekend. Emma Spaeth / Tribune

On Sunday, at Winters Tavern, locals danced, ate, drank and shopped at the Pacifica Rock and Roll Flea Market. There were 30 vendors selling things from rock ‘n’ roll photos, and old records and magazines to T-shirts and art at the outdoor event.

“It’s great being back and making new friends here outside, but

obviously things aren’t totally back to normal yet,” said Suzi Boneshaker, who advertised her wares as being “creepy and cute since 2004” and sold her felt creations at the event.

The crowd also enjoyed live performances by Soraia, Hot Laundry, The IFIC and Three O’Clock Rock.

“It’s been really fun (today),” said Kristin Borup of (Mostly) Rock ‘N’ Roll Gallery in Rockaway Beach. “It’s just fun to be out here and talk to people and meet people. Everybody likes talking about music and photography. I also think it’s been a really good way for people to know that we are down there.”

David Greenfield had been putting together small music shows in the Bay Area for a number of years when, in 2018, he decided he’d had enough. Convinced by a friend from Italy with a surf band to put together another show, he agreed, but only if it were an event that his then 12-year-old daughter could enjoy.

“That’s basically what sparked the idea,” Greenfield said. “We put together this event where we could have vendors come. I’ve done a handful of these since then in different places.”

On Sunday, Greenfield’s daughter, Suraya Greenfield, performed with Three O’Clock Rock, and customers enjoyed food from Greenfield's Singaporean Malay food truck, Satay by the Bay SF, in what was a long-anticipated event.

It was a more auspicious time to be in the food truck business than when they broke in. They rolled out the truck officially for the first time the same day that the COVID-19 lockdown took place last year.

Greenfield has lived in Pacifica with his wife and daughter for 12 years and last year planned a huge event in Pacifica. That had to be canceled.

“When it was canceled, it was just devastating for all of us,” Greenfield said.

The band Soraia, which was supposed to perform, was already in Pacifica from Philadelphia when the event was canceled.

“We all just sat in a taqueria in South City and were just trying to make some sense of what’s going on in the world,” Greenfield said. “It was just horrible. So this year, I wanted to do a smaller scale. I wanted to get a core group of friends and supporters that had planned to do it last year to make a living off of their art and are very involved in the music community.”

Greenfield wanted to keep the event smaller than others in the past because many people aren’t comfortable going to large events. But he still wanted to do something for the public and for the artists.

“I’m doing this to get us back together and help keep some of us afloat and to just keep it going,” said Greenfield. 

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