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Rell Sunn at Makaha, Hawaii. Photo courtesy Tom Keck

Pacific Beach Coalition presents its annual surf movie fundraiser, this year a feature embracing the “aloha” spirit and footage from local big waves.

This year’s movie, “Heart of the Sea,” features Rell “Kapoliocka’ehukai” Sunn, founding member of the women’s professional surfing association and a breast cancer activist. The movie shows surfing scenes and archival footage of surfing and competitions. “Heart of the Sea” takes a look at Hawaiians’ cultural heritage.

“It’s a beautiful film about an incredible women,” said Lynn Adams, president of the PBC. “The scenes are terrific and the story is very touching. This is a movie that everyone will love.”

Money raised at the event helps PBC clean beaches, streets and the ocean from litter that damages both the land and the creatures who live on it.

The program includes a video from Mavericks rides from 2020 and 2021 produced by Powerlines Productions. Coastsiders and big-wave documentarian Eric W. Nelson and local videographer Curt Myers’ work will be on display. Special guests will make an appearance at this 14th annual surf movie screening — big wave surfers Peter Mel and Bianca Valenti, and former president of Pedro Point Surf Club and accomplished surfer Greg Cochran.

Cochran met Sunn, the star of “Heart of the Sea,” in Hawaii In the 1990s.

“She (exemplifies) the word ‘aloha’ for her work with children and the environment in Hawaii. And she’s a great surfer,” he said.

Adams sent a heartfelt message of thanks to the Pedro Point Surf Club.

“They have made this movie showing possible. That’s why we have a surf movie every year,” Adams said.

Stefan Mayo, president of the Pedro Point Surf Club, said he felt very grateful to PBC for all the work the group does to clean up the beaches.

“We share the community with those who attend the surf movie. This year we have the Mavericks footage, which is fantastic. It’s been an amazing winter to surf. Sunn has been an inspiration to everyone who spends time in the water. We are all excited to see it,” Mayo said.

The PBC surf movie fundraiser will be held virtually at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 13. Sliding scale tickets start at $10. Get tickets at

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